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Nickname Meme!

Directions: Tell us a little about your nicknames even if they're from your name! You must have a few nicknames from either DA, Skype or any souce.

1.) What is your nickname(s)
Envy, Brother, Top Hat, Bunny, Hyena, Bob, Leeroy, Mermaid, Cheetah, Fafnear, Lady Fafnear, Fuzzy

2.) How did you get these names?
Envy- Was given to me in High School. I think I picked it out, but then it just stuck.
Brother- Used by Edward. She calls me that sometimes.
Top Hat- Also got it in High School. I used to wear a top hat every day to school. I would still do it to if I was allowed.
Bunny- I really dont know why I have this one. Someone ran up, called me Bunny, and it stuck.
Hyena- This was a long time ago when I was young. I'd laugh at everything, so they called me Hyena.
Bob- Given to me when I moved to Tennessee. Someone asked me my name, but before I could answer they said "Mind if I call you Bob?" and I said I didn't mind. So now it's stuck.
Leeroy- I was working on a play freshman year of High School, but didn't really talk to anyone. So one day the lead actor came up and told me that since I wouldn't tell anyone my name he'd call me Leeroy. And he did... as did everyone else who worked on the play.
Mermaid- This goes back to when I was like, 5 or 6. I would never get out of the pool so my family called me a mermaid.
Cheetah- This one was a Middle School thing. All us girl friends got big cat nicknames. And since I won the race for the nickname cheetah, I got it.
Fafnear- Was a name given to me when I started to roleplay about 10 years ago. I've used it ever since.
Lady Fafnear- The Lady was added when I was "knighted" on several occasions (Ren fair stuff). So the title went to the Fafnear name.
Fuzzy- Was given to me by Puppy. We're both werewolves, so these are the nicknames we came up with for each other.

3.) Do you use these names a lot?
Some of them yes. Others are either very old or I dont hang around the people who use them much any more. Envy is the most commonly used.

4.) What name would you rather have for your DA name?
I'm very happy with the ones I have now. I wouldn't change them.

5.) What are your personas for your nicknames?
Envy / Brother - That would be Envy from Full Metal Alchemist
Top Hat - Its just me in a Top Hat, though I have made a few characters based around that
Bunny - Basically me if I was a Bunny Anthro
Hyena - Me if I was a Hyena Anthro
Bob - Just me
Leeroy - Just me as Prop Master of plays
Mermaid - Myself if  I were a Mermaid
Cheetah - Myself if I was a Cheetah Anthro
Fafnear / Lady Fafnear - My Dragoness character who is incredibly wise and kind. So, a 15 foot tall black European dragon.
Fuzzy - A werewolf

6.) Where do you use these names?
Envy - Is used around most people these days. Mostly used by fellow cosplayers
Brother -  Used only by Edward. Since she is the only one allowed to
Top Hat - Used rarely when rejoined with High School friends who didn't get into Anime
Bunny - Same as 'Top Hat' though it is only still used by one person
Hyena - Not used anymore since it was a family nickname for me
Bob - Only used by friends who live in Tennessee
Leeroy - Only used by the people I worked with on the Crucible
Mermaid - Not used anymore. Family based nickname from long ago
Cheetah - Rarely to almost never used. People I went to Middle School with may still call me this
Fafnear / Lady Fafnear - Used by almost everyone I have ever roleplayed with or who have met me online in some fashion
Fuzzy - Only used by Puppy.

7.) Do your friend(s) call you by your real name?
Not much anymore. There is still a group of people who use my real name, though I wish they wouldn't

8.) Which nickname would you add more to?
None of them. They were given to me and thats they way they will stay. I'm happy with my nicknames

9.) What would it be?
No answer

10.) Do you lecture people to call you by these names?
Not really no. People either will or wont use my nicknames, and it's their choice. I can't force it down a persons throat But it does make me happy when they do use one.

11.) Ok, now tag someone!
Um.... whoever reads this! Good luck everybody!
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  • Reading: The Silmarillion
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  • Drinking: soda


United States
Current Residence: Going crazy in the back of my mind. Want to join me?
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Classical. Kind of all over the place.
Favourite style of art: Line art, but I dont really have a favorite, I like all art.
MP3 player of choice: iPod?
Wallpaper of choice: Squall or Auron... Or pretty things.
Skin of choice: My skin. It keeps me alive.
Favourite cartoon character: Let see... Today I think I'll go with Akabane.
Personal Quote: I can rip out your throat and still look cute and fluffy doing it.

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